Continuity and change

Many things around us just make the same journeys, the same circles so to say.

They start at the beginning, they reach a peek and then come to an end.

Let’s take pop-music as an obvious example of continuity and repetition.

John Lennon, when asked in an interview sometime during the 1970’s, said that reggae is just a new form of popularized old Jamaican songs.

Then came punk which merely echoed the beat protest songs of the 1950s.

Synthpop was revived in 2008, raves are now back on track although not as popular as in the early 1990s.

Each period of time has its own Madeleine cookies, it awakens in us associations of childhood or adolescent moments which are symbols of our own mind.

Stalna na tom svijetu samo mijena jest – the only thing that doesn’t change in this world/universe of ours is the change itself.


Croatian lawyer.

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